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2013 Presentations

Presentations from the 2013 RESUS  Conference

Emergency Aeromedical Service (Sean Clancy)

Audit of Patient Handover from Ambulance Services to the Emergency Department (David Morris)

Clinical Handover at the Emergency Department (Michael McDonagh)

BSc Paramedic Practice (John Burnham)

Characteristics of frequent presenters to the Emergency Department (Philip Walker)

Enhanced Basic Life Support Skill for Medical Students (Lisa Murphy)

Delivering the 2012 Games (Martin Flaherty)

Audit of Appropriateness of Imaging in Paediatric Head Trauma (Ashley Pardoe)

Update-establishing an Irish Resuscitation Council (Geoff King)

Teaching Trauma in Teams (Mary Rose Cassar)

Patient Safety and Pre-Hospital Care (Tracey Cooper)

Wilderness Medicine The Irish Perspective (Jason Horan)

U.S. Emergency Air Service HEMS (John McCarthy)

OHCAR, Europe and the Big Message (Siobhan Masterson)

Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Jason Horan)

What Makes an Ideal Mechanical Chest Compression Device (Darren Figgis)

Festival medicine- the Oxegen experience (Ciara Martin)

Establishing an Emergency Aeromedical Service for Ireland- The Clinical Aspect (Cathal O’Donnell)

Is adrenaline in our future (Siobhan Maguire)

Maintaining Professional Competence (Paul Finucane)

Mistakes in Pre-hospital Care – keeping out of trouble (AnneMarie Oglesby)

Modern Paediatric Trauma Management (Ronan O’Sullivan)

HEMS in an urban setting (Anne Weaver)

Improving Survival in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (Bryan McNally)


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